Round Levels 50 x 12

50 x 12mm Spirit Level Bubble Black Green Angle Clear Mini Round Leveller Bullseye UK

Heavy machinery level – Circular level – Bullseyes Level – Strip level – Flange Level
Quality spirit levels dispatched from Lancashire UK in most cases on the same day.
Range of Clear Vision Round Spirit level leveller Boat, Caravan, Scaffold, Crane, Pool Tables, Cake Stands, Audio Record Players the list goes on and on.
Precision Quality Products
Sizes may vary slightly between batches
These levels are not to be used as levellers but to be the part of an implement that merely shows where the level is.
For example: A Caravan/Motor Home/Brick Wall that has a preset leveller so that the appliances work, fridge, toilet for example.
Many thousands are used each week in new housing so that when set any subsidence can be monitored in future.
The level you purchase is fitted 1st when the Caravan/Motor Home has been precision levelled so each time you stop the fitted levels you purchased and fitted can be checked. That is what they are used for. These are not to be used as levellers alone as they cant be accurate due to their size alone.
Another way is to fit permanently the purchased level on a levelled swivel TV. Then when you move the swivel TV about you can check when its level.
Items must be preset before installing.

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