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35 x 8mm Tubular Levellers

Acrylic 35mm x 8mm Colour Tubular Level Product DescriptionAcrylic 35mm x 8mm Tubular Green Colour mini spirit level bubble round. Condition – Brand newManufactured from impact resistant plasticIdeal for bricklaying, plumbing, guttering and tilingHeavy machinery level – Circular level – Bullseyes Level – Strip level – Flange LevelQuality […]

Wall Hanger Levellers

2 Hanging Spirit Level Set 2 Pack Brick Lines Rope Cord String Bubble Hanger UK Product DescriptionThe Drill Easy Line level comes as a 2-piece and features moulded hanging hooks for ease of use. Impact resistant and ideal for plumbing, guttering, bricklaying, and tiling tasks.Drill Easy has a […]

Round Levels 50 x 12

50 x 12mm Spirit Level Bubble Black Green Angle Clear Mini Round Leveller Bullseye UK Heavy machinery level – Circular level – Bullseyes Level – Strip level – Flange LevelQuality spirit levels dispatched from Lancashire UK in most cases on the same day.Range of Clear Vision Round Spirit […]

Cracking Stuff

Having successful online sales is all about selling items that are new to development or in many cases still in the development process. We at like to offer items that are as green and friendly as possible to help further in the new sector of electric transport […]

MECHANIC 0.5mm Solder

MECHANIC 40g 0.5mm Solder Wire Rosin Core Welding Tin Wire Sn63% Pb37% Low Melt Approx 17.5 Meters MECHANIC 40g 0.5mm Solder Wire Rosin Core Welding Tin Wire Sn63% Pb37% Low Melting Point Soldering Wire RollFeatures:–Brand:MECHANIC.–FLUX : 1.0%-3%.–Wire Diameter : 0.5mm.–Weight :about 40g.–Good solderability, insulation resistance, No spattering and […]

45mm Rotary Cutter

45mm Complete Cutter With Blade Plus 5 Extra Blades Included Features: 100% Brand new with high quality. Safety button that you can lock the blade, to prevent scratches. Comfortable handle, easy to press the handle, easy to use. Can be used to tailor, cutting paper, fabric, leather, plastic […]

Bi M42 Hole Saw

Bi Metal M42 HSS Hole Saw Cutter Drill Bit For Wood Plaster Board 10mm shank, 16 – 150mm dia.100% high cemented carbide steel with central axis.Made of cemented steel, which is four to seven times faster cutting than high speed steel.It has stable mechanical properties, high wear resistance […]

Drill Chuck Keys

Drill Chuck Keys  Our specialised self-centering is interconnected via a scroll gear and may use ball thrust bearings to reduce friction in the closing mechanism and maximize drilling torque.Drill Easy Twist Drills are the most common cutter type used for modeling parts, and they’re most commonly held in […]

Hss Metal Hole Cutters Drill Easy ltd

Hss Hole Cutters

Hss Hole Cutters High-Quality Hss Hole Cutters For Additional Strength It Cuts Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Fiberglass, Formica, And Other Laminates In Seconds. Perfect for Installing Locks, Knobs in Doors and Cabinets or Drilling Larger Diameter Holes Through Desks Etc. The external cutting rim blade is […]

Forstner Wood Drills

Drill Easy Forstner Drills are made from Tungsten steel and being heat-treated, the blade is characterized by high accuracy, smooth cutting operation, good resistance to shock and good durability.2 spurs, 2 precision ground cutting edges, long-lasting cutting performance for drilling holes in any direction and making arched openings.Excellent […]


Many different types of levellers for industry and diy. Our products at Level Easy contain glass, metal, plastic spirit level bubble, bubble components, single or dual-axis optical bubble, optical sensor, resistance electronic bubble, electronic compensator, etc. They are widely used in all areas of construction, armory, motor industry, […]

SDS + Plus Drill Bit TCT Rotary Hammer

DRILL EASY LTD – Ltd 1 x SDS+ Masonry Drill Bit Tungsten Carbide Tip A fully hardened, high-performance hammer drill bit Suitable for use in slate, granite, concrete, masonry, tiles, plastic, wood, and similar materials Our Drill Easy SDS plus drill bits are used for drilling into heavy […]

Spear Head Plate Mirror & Glass Drill

DRILL EASY LTD Chrome surface for a smoother finish with no rough edge. Popular for plate cutting and mirrors. Chrome plated drills for use on tiles porcelain plates and glass.Very popular for drilling plates for plate stands as they give a smooth edge due to the chrome surface.Drill […]

Spear Head Carbide Tipped Cutters

Spear Head for Tiles Drilling Marble Granite Ceramics this Carbide Tipped Cutter is not suitable for porcelain Tungsten carbide tipped from Drill Easy are supplied in four different sizes 4-6-8-10mm spear head drill bits. Precision spear-head design ensures the drill bit doesn’t slip when starting to drill. To […]

Titanium Hex Drill

Our most popular drills that cuts through the hardest of tiles fast so saving time. Tilers love them. Available in 6 – 8 – 10 – 12mm. Suitable for porcelain tiles, granite, ceramic in fact all types of pottery. Built specifically for Hard Stuff.