Forstner Wood Drills

Drill Easy Forstner Drills are made from Tungsten steel and being heat-treated, the blade is characterized by high accuracy, smooth cutting operation, good resistance to shock and good durability.
2 spurs, 2 precision ground cutting edges, long-lasting cutting performance for drilling holes in any direction and making arched openings.
Excellent quality: The effective depth is deeper, and easily sharpened, they can enlarge existing holes with ease and can bore any arc of a circle. Individual Carbide Tipped Forstner Bits for use on Wood as well as for drilling holes in any direction and making arched openings. Drill precise flat bottom holes with no chipping in any thickness of soft wood
Wide Application: Used for wood, particle board, top drawer, plywood, etc.. Applicable to the pistol drill, bench drill, vertical drilling machine etc
Colour: Blue silver 14mm no colour.
Designed to drill flat bottom or through holes cleanly in end grain, thin stock, veneers, and regular stock
For drilling holes in any direction and making arched openings
The drilling efficiency is higher with the three teeth cutter head. In design with curve, the head is good at removing the debris and working efficiently. Sharp and durable, strong to handle
Works with any electric drill.
Quality is of a high hardness and heat resistance, the high temperature generated during drilling does not deform it, also durable, can be used for very long time. It’s head adopt arc curve design, accurate and clean flat bottomed hole with rapid removal of waste and that make sure your work with efficiency. (Please do not drill in metal)
CEMENTED CARBIDE: Constructed with titanium alloy steel for lasting durability. High-Speed Steel Forstner Bit drills overlapping, angled and pocket holes in all types of wood, easy to drill the hinge hole, cylinder hole, computer desk threading hole, home cabinet attachment.
X~WING DESIGN: X-wing head provides visibility and stability during operation. The center spur of each bit guarantees accurate drilling and prevents walking and wobbling during operation, create perfectly round and accurate holes with the center spur design.
WIDELY USED: Suitable for drill press, pistol drill, bench drill, vertical drilling machine, hand held electric drill, stand motor-driven drilling machine and mobile ribbon type magnetism drilling machine. Can be used for wood products perforation, mounted spherical door shoot tip, drawer, some plastic products, wood, plywood, not very hard woods etc..

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