SDS + Plus Drill Bit TCT Rotary Hammer

DRILL EASY LTD – Ltd 1 x SDS+ Masonry Drill Bit Tungsten Carbide Tip A fully hardened, high-performance hammer drill bit Suitable for use in slate, granite, concrete, masonry, tiles, plastic, wood, and similar materials

Our Drill Easy SDS plus drill bits are used for drilling into heavy duty materials such as brick, slabs of concrete with reduced effort due to the quality of their design and materials used. The SDS part is the the shank type to which it has two sets of grooves that clasp into the chuck making it secure and allowing the drill bit to slide up and down giving you the hammer action. The tip is itself made from strong tungsten carbide giving them extra strength and resistance to extreme loads. We have a wide selection of sizes available from Drill Easy for fast delivery here in the UK and beyond. Thank you for viewing our products.

Categories: Brick, Plastic, Tile

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