For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Who are Drill Easy.com/co.uk.

A: Drill Easy are owned and operated by Drill Easy Ltd/Asgent Ltd

Asgent Ltd is operated as an a affiliate to Alibaba & AliExpress since 2009 who are the worlds largest online retailer and wholesaler.

Drill Easy are proud to have eBay as part of our UK & European sales.

Q: Do we carry large stocks here in the UK.

A: Yes in most cases we carry over 500,000 drill pieces at any one time with new deliveries every day.

Q: Can i collect drills from your depot.

A: No, we do not have a collection system. Most stocks are at our fulfilment sites for fast dispatch.

Q: What happens if i have a problem with any items.

A: Just drop us an email where we often sort any issues within the day if not the hour with our No Quibble Guarantee.

Q: Do you recommend what drills cut what materials.

A: Drill Easy DO NOT advise any situation for drilling materials. It is up to you or your company to have the relevant qualifications, appliances and materials at hand. There are to many combinations of factors like drill speed, drill type, drill coolant, is it a fixed drill or hand held, what is your handling psi on the bits and are you competent and/or qualified and of course what you are cutting, also the environment you’re in, an example is industrial premises with automated drill press and spindle guards/pressurised lubrication, or a garden shed.

Q: Why has my drill bit burnt out ?

A: It takes a lot to get your drill bits to 1600 degrees or above so don’t try. Keep all drills at the correct speed and extremely well lubricated at all times or they may burn out and shatter causing serious injury.

Q: I have a store and want to resell can Drill Easy help.

A: We supply lots of stores for resale. Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.