Diamond Tile Drill Bits Tile Glass Hole Cutters

Diamond Drill Bits 4mm – 100mm removes a complete circle from tiles, marble, granite, porcelain or other materials and only needs water for lubrication.

Has longer diamond edges and for longevity, use plenty of water.


Drill for drilling glass, ceramic, stone, stone, agate, shell, hard materials using tile etc.
Product use: granite, marble, stone, ceramic tile, porcelain tiles, granite products and any other tough stuff.

Start your hole diagonally 45 degrees, make a round trace and then hold drill straight.
Material: Diamond + Steel

Diamond Tile Drill Bits

Is recommended for use drilling on glass, slate or other more brittle soft stone materials.
Can be used with a standard electric drill.

Always use lubrication LOTS (water) otherwise the diamond core drill may burn.

Please see our speed chart for more information.

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