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Drill Easy deliver across the whole of the UK, every island, every day. We supply thousands of drills each day to tile stores, hardware shops, engineers, car makers, bike manufacturers, aerospace, oil industry to most places worldwide with top quality products guaranteed.

Chile, Russia, Alaska, Hong Kong, USA, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal Singapore, Australia to name a few of the countries we’ve shipped to during 2019.

Great news to see that the quality products are sourced from across the world in bulk or even just the one.

We are adding new ranges all the time and have our new metal cutters that we are to trial out. Our mini levellers have become increasing in popularity so we have a whole new range arriving in Spring 2018. Thousands of levellers sold each week Ask for details:

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We get asked lots if orders can be collected however this is not possible at the moment as most products are sent using fulfilment centers here in the Midlands, London and the North UK.

Europe – Germany and Spain.

Our goods are sold using  eBay. We send 98% of our goods same day using Royal Mail or UPS as they have excellent customer service with an ability to deliver on time.

Spirit levellers

We tested these for a few months as they are extremely popular for tilers and tiling companies in Asia.

The Mini Levels are used on top of medium/large format tiles to make sure all is level and is a lot more convenient to use than large cumbersome levels that knock and scratch.

After just a few days our mini spirit levels where being sought by not only tilers but Scaffolding Companies, Kitchen Fitters, Bathroom Fitters, New House Developers even Crane Hire Companies. The list goes on and on with Switzerland and Finland becoming the best export markets this year 2017.

The Mini Levels are precision made using a special oil based liquid for higher viscosity giving a slower but clearer reading.

We now stock over 30000 levels with more than 50 different ranges catering for a wide range of uses for trade and diy alike.

The Journey Begins

Thank you for taking the time to view our website.
Drill Easy acquired the former during 2016 and have now amalgamated their eCommerce stores making Drill Easy one of the Worlds largest and fastest growing suppliers of Quality Drill Tools.

Drill Easy is owned and operated by Asgent which operates as a Worldwide affiliate to Aliexpress & Alibaba with sales twice that of eBay & Amazon combined.

We deliver Worldwide from our UK operated eCommerce store and are also suppliers to many Tile Stores, Bathroom Stores, Tool Stores here in the UK.

If you require a bulk selection of our drills then please contact us where we can direct you to our trade account.

We do not operate collections.

Hundreds of drills supplied across the UK Europe America every hour of every day