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eBay sell THEIR packaging to deliver…

eBay sell THEIR packaging to deliver THEIR customer orders through eBays PACKLINK who then state that the packaging supplied by eBay is QUOTE: NON-COMPLIANT PACKAGING

Have you ever heard anything so contradictory ever?
Packlink don’t even have the decency to get back to explain themselves when asked.
They are Judge Jury & executioner and now we are stuck with ££££££ worth of useless eBay packaging when delivering through Packlink.

The parcel was sent using eBays packaging with bubbler wrap inserted and made from the toughest wrap we have used that is available on the market which is recyclable too. Recycling is important to us and a good reason why Drill Easy use this product. The carbide drill itself was in a protective plastic box that is checked and sealed before adding to the packet.

The finished item ready to send is pretty indistructable under normal circumstances. It can be kicked, dropped,stamped on, drowned, driven over, thrown across the van or yard so unless someone wants to open it can’t.

So to be told the packaging is NON-COMPLIANT PACKAGING is jaw dropping as it is sold to us a great expense.

Its like buying a car from Ford who then tell you their engine is not suitable for the car they have just sold you and no you cant have your money back because the engine your using that they sold you is non-compliant.

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